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  • Founder : R. Jagan Mohan B.A., C.A.I.I.B.,
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    THIRUKALYANAM was started a decade ago by Shri. R. Jagan Mohan B.A., CAIIB., a retired Bank Officer, belonging to Balija Naidu Community with the good intention of facilitating the parents of the Naidu Community to get a suitable alliance for their children without much difficulty. The official and personal experience of Shri. R.Jagan Mohan with his innovative concepts achieved good results. Started in a small scale, now it has grown up very well and much recognized by most of the Naidu Community members.  Without any publicity it had grown up by Word of Mouth by the members who got benefited. More than 500 members got their partners within Thirukalyanam itself and more than 60% of the members got their alliances from outside Thirukalyanam and settled in life.  The main idea of Thirukalyanam is to bring all the Naidu Community Members under one roof  so that it will be easy to get good alliances quickly and without much difficulty.  THIRUKALYANAM will be a platform for Naidu Community Members to meet each other and get acquainted. THIRUKALYANAM expects all Naidu Community Members to use this platform to develop relationships and help one another.   

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