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    THIRUKALYANAM NAIDU MATRIMONY was started in 2006 by Shri. R.Jagan Mohan B.A., CAIIB., Retired Manager, State Bank of Mysore. As a parent who had settled the marriages of his children, Shri. Jagan Mohan saw firsthand the many difficulties faced by parents when it comes to finalizing the marriages of their children. He observed that most parents were not comfortable interacting through marriage bureaus or matrimonial websites and sought a more personal interaction. That’s when he decided to help out fellow parents by starting a matrimonial service that would not only provide a common platform for families of brides and grooms to interact with one another but would also enable a more personal interaction with members. Being a Naidu, he was most familiar with the rituals and traditions of the Naidu community. Therefore, he felt it was best to restrict this matrimonial service within the Naidu community. This would let him interact with the members on a more personal level and achieve better results.

    From the days of being just a single member organization in 2006 when Shri. Jagan Mohan himself reached out to other Naidu families and helped them in finalizing alliances, to bringing in innovative concepts such as, printing monthly editions of Thirukalyanam, that contained profile details of newly registered members, Shri. Jagan Mohan’s unorthodox methods found fame and recognition within the Naidu community, and people started flocking in. Be it current or past members, brokers, or astrologers, the word of mouth started pouring in, and Thirukalyanam was recommended by one and all. Very soon, we had nearly 800 couples who found their soulmates through Thirukalyanam!

    By the year 2016, Thirukalyanam’s popularity rose so much that it became difficult to handle all the processes manually. That’s when we came up with the idea of creating a website for Thirukalyanam. www.thirukalyanam.in was created with the intention of helping prospective brides and grooms as well as their families to interact with one another and finalize alliances easily.

    Despite the website, and now the mobile app (compatible with both Android and iPhone), Thirukalyanam retains its personal touch with members even after all these years. We do this by sending fortnightly emails containing details of newly registered members to parents who do not have access to the website or the mobile app. We also maintain hard copies of profiles (sorted by year of birth) of all our registered members at our office in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. Such facilities and the personal attention we give to our members are the reasons for our success.

    Service has always been the motto of Thirukalyanam. We do not have any branches or representatives outside of our Chennai office.
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